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Alter Ego (pc game)
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Develop a male or female character RPG

A more precise description of Alter Ego would be that it is an alter ego creation game, a sort of God game in which you control the development of your alter ego character through a multitude of diverse situations that resemble life. How do you do that? Well, the game is neatly packaged as a complex web of interlinked icons that branch out differently. From the get go, choosing one branch will take your virtual individual in one direction. But, these choices also affect the way in which the alter ego develops and so, from a set of characteristics with which you start, you model this alter ego (male or female) as you see fit. Many aspects of his/her life are modeled, from habits to jobs, to love life and so on. Thus, the game feels like a proto Sims game, only that, even if graphically inferior, the meta stories that the game tells are much more interesting and complex. Therefore, Alter Ego is in many ways an alternate reality game, in which you find out how decisions affect the course of an individual's life. Also, the game doesn't shy away from pitting you against very dark scenarios, such as rape or other such nasty outcomes, so in this respect the game is quite mature.