Life and Death

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The life of a busy doctor!

While not the most accurate doctor simulation, Life and Death is definitely a smart, and well done hospital simulator, but very much targeted at the patient rather than at the economics behind it all. So, the game follows the normal day of work of a doctor; the patients arrive, you consult them, in some cases you even have to go and operate on them, but many more times you just have to send them to the right ward of the hospital. The game is in parts delivered as an adventure game, but in others it has more of a simulation, in rather puzzly builds, of the different activities that you'd be involved with as a doctor. And, thus, with all the elements in place and the good enough graphics, (that kind of look dated, and make the game seem even older than it actually is) it's a cool game to have in your collection, if you love biology and diagnosing patients. Also, you will have to do a good job for all the patients, else you're retrograded to the medical school! Well done! Also download Theme Hospital, if you want a more economics focused game about hospitals.

Today you become an intestine surgeon

This is one of the better doctor simulation game and puts you in the role of a surgeon that is specialized in the digestive system. You have to accurately diagnose your patient and, if necessary, operate on him (possibly letting him live :D), and if you make a mistake, you are sent to the classroom where you are explained just what you did wrong. The procedure gets more and more difficult as the game progresses. The game is very detailed and extremely realistic, which is quite natural since a doctor is the designer of the game. You have to be very careful in you operations, since the slightest mistake can mean the death of a patient. The game is also very educational because you learn a lot about the digestive system, how it looks and what does it look like. For a game of this nature good graphics are needed and given. The images are very clear and detailed so the sense of realism is even higher. Truly, along with Theme Hospital, this is one of the best and most detailed surgeon simulation games. And if you want more, become a brain surgeon in Life and Death 2.

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