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Dark Colony: The Council Wars (pc game)
4.5 out of 5 (6 votes)
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Expansion set of Dark Colony, not worth it

The Council Wars game is actually an expansion pack to the 1997 space real time strategy game Dark Colony, published in 1998. The game's plot is somewhat interesting - you are a human nation that has found plenty of available resource on Mars and started teraforming it into a habitable place to live. All was going fine and well until the Taar, a hostile invading alien army came to your new paradise and decided to take it for its own.The game is consisted of two large campaigns in which you can take side of either the aliens and destroy all of humanity, or the humans, trying to fend of the bad guys. This expansion pack of the game brings a few new things, like a cosmetic powerup for the game's graphics, a few new units and images, and new sounds. The gameplay is identical to the original game. The question remains - is the game worth getting? In my opinion - no, it is not. The changes are only minor and, unless you are a true hardcore fan of the game, you won't miss anything much by playing the original strategy game.