Stellar Conquest III

Strategy 1994 Dos Top down Science Fiction

Minimalist 4X, yet drenched in too much info

In truth, after you get over the first few minutes of messing with this game, you will get to the conclusion that I did. For a game as lite as this one, it sure likes to drown you in information. I mean, here's the deal, in X3 Reunion, as a representative of later X4 gaming, you get a huge, vast world, almost always divisible yet again level details of strategizing and furthermore, a game which, while complex, can allow you to get things done and changed rather fast. Not so much in this one, as Stellar Conquest III is a product that simply is lite, that is, it lacks a lot of content, but the surface build wants to disguise itself as much more detailful, as much more full of elements. So, with that considered, Stellar Conquest III manages a great overall product, but encumbered, the kind that scares you with promises of intricacy but reveals itself as lite as a proto demo. Not cool! Not cool at all! I'd say try it if you can stomach lite gaming, almost too lite, disguised as a more thorough experience. To say the least, I think it kind of puts you in the mindset of a x4 game to be, but it's surely got a treacherous nature about itself.

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