Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon

Strategy 2002 Windows Disney Real time Top down Science Fiction Action Adventure

Space action with naval... airships?!!

I love this game because it really knows how to put a spin on things. So here it is, if you love the idea of going into naval skirmishes with sail ships, but in space, you can now do it! Now, don't get me wrong, I know this fantasy has been around in some other titles, but it's refreshing to see it come out of the rarely original laboratories of Disney. The good part is that the game is actually very well polished, contains a lot of levels and of ships and there is also a tactical bit to the encounters, though, mostly this is not the most intellectually demanding game out there, as it is pretty easy to tackle, as your average arcader, mostly. But it's good to know that if you take the difficulty level up a notch you will get quite a bit of a challenge. Graphically, this is a 3D game that is as good looking and as attentively crafted as you can wish. Naturally, while not oozing originality, Disney does put some emphasis on cleaning their games and on making them stand out, their quality control is mostly impeccable. So give it a try, or go for a more classical adventure in another Disney classic, Hercules, just as lovely but definitely more grounded a game.

Not a good abandonware game

Treasure Planet Battle at Procyon was in my opinion a good idea chepened to an average one. The ships are all fixed on a flat plane and, unlike the movie cannot dive or climb. Campign is a similar story, you have to concider that this game was written for little kids. Even so, the only good voice acting was from the characters that were also in the movie(Amilia, Jim Hawkins). The rest of the main characters were average to medeoker. The thing I found to be most irrating was the crew dialog. Which fills every waking moment of the game with useless, repeted, or outdated information. The crew was so annoying that I wound up muteing them the options menu. This game did have some excellent attributes I really enjoyed. A complex hitbox on every ship and the ability to target specific areas of a ship, and the effect that damage has on your ships performance and you have a game that can be very entertaining. In the abandonware realm, not so good.

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