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Gateway 2: Homeworld (pc game)
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  • The game begins
  • Help screen
  • Story details
  • Exploring the apartment
  • Got to move fast
  • Map screen
  • Try another way
  • Find the fire escape
  • Kick down the door!
  • More about that later
  • Hey there, cutie!
  • Game title screen
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  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Fantastic story, old school gaming

This is a sequel to the very popular Gateway, a sci-fi adventure game released in 1992. After the last game's finish you are again needed in a mission to contact the ancient people of Heechee and see if they can help your people in destroying the Assassins that are threatening you world. The game has the same gameplay as the last - this is one of the rare command typing style adventure. There is nothing new in this game by means of visuals or sound but that isn't really important, because the game concentrates on the story and that alone is enough to make this game as good as it is, since the story is captivating, interesting and fabulous in its writing, which is natural if we consider it's based on a very popular fiction series. I really like this game's soundtrack. It's very good for a 1993 game and it correlates with the mood of the game very nicely. This sequel follows the high quality and intensity of the last game faithfully and is a game every sci-fi should know about and play, it's a matter of culture.