Nine Princes in Amber

Adventure 1985 Dos Dosbox Trillium Corp. Science Fiction Graphical IF

When fantasy adventure games get convoluted!

Oh, my, while I think that there would have been some perks to having been born in the 60s, so that the 80s would have caught me in my 20s (hehe!) there are a few things I'm not sorry that I missed, and one of those is the boom of the alternative fantasy novel! Quite how convoluted the genre could get is well, remarkable, and Nine Princes in Amber is a good example of this trend in games. You see, because the developments of science, and especially physics were not known, not yet discovered or just ignored, many authors felt that they had free reign to imagine worlds where the rules were so different and so made up that today they just feel like the creations or mind twisted thoughts of half mad men. And yes, exploring the degree to which such fiction could come up with these crazy worlds can be so much fun! That's the main premise of Nine Princes in Amber as well, a lite pulp and a pretty good example of imagination gone wild! Give it a go but expect to make acquaintance with some really out of this world thoughts! Oh, and see Silicon Dreams as well, this one is even more interesting, and it turn out, a bit of more prophetic in its world building.

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