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Boldly go where no man has gone before

This little known adventure is actually a hidden gem that is perfect for any science fiction or interactive fiction lovers, so if you haven't checked this one, then do yourself a favour and get cracking. Taking Star Trek as its inspiration, the game thrusts players into the command of a galaxy travelling starship and tasks them with finding a cure to the deadly disease which is ravaging humanity. Your quest takes you to a range of bizarre alien worlds, meeting the usual array of characters and facing a set of challenging puzzles and conundrums, in similar fashion to the likes of the Doom series, Rendezvous with Rama or The Tracer Sanction. This one is ideally suited to newcomers, thanks to the parser system which is a breeze to pick and although it's not quite as sophisticated as Infocom's best efforts, its accessibility is very welcome. The plot, while not the most original in the world, is certainly compelling enough and has enough twists, turns, warp jumps and teleporters to keep most dedicated sci-fi nuts hooked until the end and which is all told through some decent, if unspectacular writing. The characters and environments are brought well enough to life and are aided by the addition of some simple, if characterful and effective images which present the future in the way that only 1980s text adventures can. Trekboer bears many similarities with the developer's own Sea Search and other games so if you have played any of those, you'll know what to expect here but that's no bad thing as this is a fun and fairly challenging adventure that will keep you entertained.

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