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Granite (pc game)
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  • So this are the trajectories after the collision
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Curling simulator; fantastic build

Granite is a definitive curling simulation, well done gameplay wise, beautiful graphically, and easy and well developed controls wise. As expected, it represents the true game of curling very well; you have to shoot a granite ball onto the ice. The ice field has about 46 yards. You have to shoot the balls to the center of a bull's eye. The term curling, comes from the team of curlers, which are individuals that curl the ice, melt its surface by rubbing it, increasing or decreasing the speed of the curl stone. This action is done by you, by swiping with your mouse ahead of the curling stone. You thus have a better chance of getting to the target. But, the launch itself is also very important. As a sport, it's a very interesting one, like a chill darts kind of competition. Still, it's a sport, and Granite does a good job of recreating it, from scratch, as a sort of attention puzzler, and good initial strategy and direction game. So, as a faithful recreation of the sport, good graphics, when you feel like curling in Windows, there is no better option to try, so have the game around; it won't disappoint!