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Motor City (Oldtimer) (pc game)
4.5 out of 5 (4 votes)
  • Finanical details
  • Nice beard
  • Hiring staff
  • Database
  • Office screen
  • Staff expenditure
  • Expanding the empire
  • Let's go for engines
  • Building another factory
  • Options
  • Game title screen
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A fine educating simulation game

Motor City is a great business simulation of the Hi-Tech car industry. The job that you have as a user is to act as a manager of a business empire by manufacturing excellent cars and selling them in the market. You have to use a lot of business strategies because car making is an expensive pursuit and you have to counter a lot of fixed overheads. I liked that they have added many options which normally lack in other car simulation games like Detroit. Before you built a car, you have option to select the basic concepts such as car size, chassis, engine type, sun roof etc. You have to use the financial resources in the most optimal manner and advertise and distribute with the right tactics and timing to be successful. The graphics are not much appealing but they are fine for a strategy game. Another distinctive feature which i found with this one is that you can access various stats of the motor car industry and can keep a track on your financial progress and company's growth throughout the game. The economic model which has been designed here is tough to conquer and is really educating because it gives you an idea about the dynamics that operate in the marketing world. After going thorough with this one, latch onto Capitalism 2 which is also a fine business simulation game of its times.