Ocean Trader

Simulation 1995 Dos Dosbox Software 2000 Trade or management

Detailed and enjoyable maritime business sim

Ocean Trader is a highly detailed and complex business simulation game that will undoubtedly appeal to fans of Ports of Call, Buccaneer or anyone looking for a maritime-themed strategy game. Players take the role of a shipping manager and must successfully control their company by delivering and trading goods, while designing new ships and juggling the myriad responsibilities that come with the job. You can deal with around 100 harbours from all over the world, with an extensive variety of goods, each with their own level of risk and profit and a key element of the game is watching the market prices to see where consumer interest lies. A number of ship types are available, again with their own advantages and disadvantages so maintaining a flexible fleet is also crucial. A major consideration for any strategy game is its interface, which must be detailed enough to allow for realism and depth, but accessible enough that players feel they can access the information they need. Fortunately, Ocean Trader gets things pretty much perfect, with a simple but functional system that makes the game run pretty smoothly. While graphics are static they are well detailed and make great use of vibrant colours to create some very strong visuals. As far as maritime strategy games go, this is tough to beat, with enough authenticity and complexity to keep business and shipping buffs entertained for hours.

A light naval business game

Much like the game Ports of Call, Ocean Trader is another great shipping business simulation game that puts you in charge of a shipping company. As the director, you have to do almost all the business, from choosing which ships to buy and sell, designing new ships, making contracts to making a profit with your business and making yourself a very rich person. The amount of work for you is only limited by the quantity and size of your ships. There are over 100 ports with which you can trade and a huge selection of goods to deal with. While detailed, it is not obsessively so as some other naval simulation game so the game is good for players who are interested in a good business management for beginners. The game's user interface is simple and easy to use. The graphics are consisted of beautiful but static pictures with amazing detail and beautiful colors and are very pleasing to the eye. If you're for some light but fun business gaming, this is a game you should definitely try out.

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