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An Egypt bound economic trading game

With Ramses you will become a tradesman in the immemorial times of the ancient Egyptians, looking to become a respected (and rich!) Pharaoh. The game, rather than being very serious and very true to the history of the ancient Egypt, is a bit more lighthearted, but definitely a simulator. So, while trading is going to be a major part of the game, there is also a layer of tax imposition, trying to find out what people need and other such objectives. So, this being a trading game in the time of the pharaohs, it would have been unlikely that the game would have no pyramids in it! So, yeah, a big chunk of the revenues that you manage to gather will go towards the building of your very own Pyramid! Now, back to trading, this is done in turns, while the construction of proper buildings, so that traders will have a space where to operate, will also be necessary. So, all in all, this is a management game, with good 2D graphics and a less serious business aura surrounding it. Download Egyptia: Secrets of the Lost Tomb for a puzzle diversion set in Egypt as well!

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