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OHR RPG Creation Engine (official hamster republic rpg creation engine) (pc game)
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RPG or top down action games creator

With OHR RPG Creation Engine you can go on to create your very own top down RPGs, in the style of Zelda games, but, with that token you can end up creating other top down types of games, action games and even very primitive, not too many units types of strategies. Of course, the production bundle has been written specifically for role playing games, and, compared to Adventure Game Studio, I'd say that this is a remarkably study, if not very meaty in options game production suite. As you'd imagine, the bundle is more of an assembler, so you'll still need a graphical suite to produce your assets, but with this one you can create the game world and put together the characters, their dialogues, and set your event triggers as you see fit. I'm pretty sure you can end up with a very good, Dink Smallwood like role playing game, and if you're industrious enough you could be looking at an even more comprehensive kind of game, something a lot more elaborate. However, the greatest feat of OHR RPG Creation Engine is that it can teach you basics of level design, programming, scripting and so on, so that you can learn the basics of game production.