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One Unit Whole Blood (pc game)
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  • Blood
  • Black background
  • Picked up flare pistol
  • Key setup
  • Fork
  • In cemetery
  • Morningside funeral
  • One Unit Whole Blood  pc game
  • Enemy killed
  • Health
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
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Blood, pain, horror - great shooting game

Developed by Monolith Productions and published by Atari the One Unit Whole Blood is a great horror shooting game. It's a great shooting game with a lot of fun, humor and horror. Gamers consider this game as one of the most popular horror shooting games ever. The story of One Unit Whole Blood is excellent. Blood Omen: legacy of kain is another game which is similar to this game. You have to play as the shooter and have to survive by killing the zombies. With some excellent graphics and good level design this game is simple awesome. You can awake the dead trees. You have to survive from cultists and the dark energy. In all the levels you have to keep going through the blood and dark humor. You have to survive from the voodoo doll and many more. You will have the option to achieve bonus points from every level and you can find newer weapons in every level. This is a great game and when I bought this game I was confused about this game. But after playing it I realized that it's a nice shooting game, more than my expectation.