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Roland Garros French Open 2001 (pc game)
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Tennis sim, with a very cinematic feel and great animations

Do you love how the top notch tennis competitions are televised? The way the camera is always managing to surprise those cool moments when a player sighs in relief or is just disappointed after losing a point? Well, for its time Roland Garros French Open 2001 was kind of that game that took the action from a closer perspective. Sure, don't expect effusions of feelings from the player characters, but the actual manner in which this game is observed by the virtual placement of the camera is really working in favor of this game. The Roland Garros French Open 2001, as the name suggests, tasks itself with pitting the male and female players of the time period in the eponymous competition. You can play as whomever you want, male or female and winning will make it feasible for you to look forward to the next step of the competition. The game is a combination of animations that make the game look like a simulation, but in reality, to ease access and make the game palatable, the controls kick in just right, somewhere towards arcade and the game taking some decisions for you. At any rate, if you like the game, you can either try some of the older games in the series or go for this 2003 jewel, Tennis Masters Series 2003 whose animations are even better than those of RGFO 2001.