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Siege! (pc game)
4.75 out of 5 (4 votes)
  • Title screen
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  • Intro sequence
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  • Starting point
  • Unit details
  • Archer stats
  • Elf stats
  • Defending the castle
  • Map screen
  • Options
  • Checking out the castle
  • Nice huts
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  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Simple RTS with poor AI

One thing that kept me playing this fantasy RTS was its top down, perfectly 90 degrees above perspective, which reminded me of Dune 2. Also, in this perspective the tiles look very nice, and the game has a very clean aspect, very conducive to a relaxing experience. However, the less well implemented aspect of the game is the artificial intelligence which is pretty bad. Unless you play against hordes of units you can out trick them with false attacks while you flank them and decimate at ease. But, the bad AI can be a strength too, considering that sometimes a more relaxed sessions can be fulfilling too. So, if you don't mind always having an edge over your opponent, the diversity of the game can be quite captivating. The mechanics of this game are pretty much basic RTS all the way, you will erect building, build units and go on a tactical spree depending on the context and the requirements of the mission. Along with the units you can produce you can also hire mercenaries, units that can add diversity to your attack styles, and coupled with a strategy based on larger counts of single type units, with the ability to buy some additional mercenaries, the game I almost powerless to keep you from winning. So, play this is you want a really simple looking RTS with a very low difficulty.