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Strike Commander Tactical Operations (pc game)
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  • Now listen u[, people!
  • Preparing to take off
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  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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One of the top simulation you can find

SCTO is a flight simulation game which has a non-conventional plot which you do not see with many such games. The plot is that the Turkish government has been using mercenaries and now want to get rid of them. They have raised the taxes for doing so and your squadron is about to go bankrupt. Now to avoid such bankruptcy, you should fly on various missions and complete them in order to collect money for the same. 21 missions have been added in the game and all of them are pretty diverse and demanding. The flight dynamics have been implemented with many fine details of how your aircraft flies and how you make different moves in the air. You can also make tricks quite easily and they are still realistic enough to keep the level of toughness intact. The game is also very diverse in terms of the graphics which allow you to explore all the dimensions and destroy targets. The destruction element in the game is also very appealing as you have a destructive aircraft which is provided with a lot of firepower. The controls in the game are also very good and so is the average but simple interface. Tornado is the other game which I have found quite similar to this one and both are exciting.