Chuck Yeager's Air Combat

Simulation 1991 Dos Electronic Arts Flight Military Military flight

Flight with Chuck!!

Chuck Yeager was a very famous pilot back in the early 1990s and his help with this game meant quite a lot for the degree of realism that this simulation offers. Therefore, the game was an ace flight sim, the most prominent feature being its very well balanced action gameplay, which combined fast paced arcade style play with a more mature approach to the physical model of the game. The game features 6 different planes. Therefore, this is a modern flight sim, featuring airplanes that were the epitome of US airpower at the time. The game's missions will see you through all ranges of dog fight styled action sequences to other scenarios inspired by real facts. You therefore have a large amount of choice when it comes to the gameplay you want to test and the game will take a while until it becomes boring. As with most air sims or arcade/sim combinations, this too plays best when controlled with a serious joystick, but it remains playable with keyboard only as well, though it takes away much of the edge.

Not so realistic

Part of a series of Yeager themed flight games, CYAC is pretty good for its time. The graphics are about what you'd expect. The flight models are better than average but total realism was not quite what they had in mind it seems. The air to air action is good with the AI being adjustable. At high AI levels enemy planes use appropriate (if somewhat predictable) manuevers that play to aircraft strengths. There are single missions and campaigns as well as a design your own encounter mode. Missions are rated by difficulty as well. This is a game for the air combat fan, not the sightseer and can be very challenging. A must have for air fighters

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