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Challenging and detailed flight sim

Another highly detailed flight sim from Spectrum Holobyte, publishers of the Falcon series, Tornado maintains the company's reputation for authenticity and while this is a safe bet for fans of the genre, newcomers may be put off by its complexity. As the name suggests, players are thrown into the cockpit of the Tornado fighter and must engage in a series of dynamic missions against some truly testing enemy flyers. One of the game's biggest strengths is its mission planning, which allows for standard campaign strikes, solo flights as well as multi-plane sorties, with these latter in particular proving quite complex and offering opportunities for some real tactical flying. As you might expect, there is a lot of detail here, both in gameplay terms and in visuals. Although clearly showing their age, the graphics are still pretty good, with plenty of ground objects to avoid, blow up or just admire. Flying feels authentic, with realistic cockpit displays and aircraft handling, but may be overly challenging for some, with an interface that is less than intuitive. Sound however is pretty awful and is best turned down. For flight sim experts, this will undoubtedly be of interest, given its high level level of difficulty, but this may prove off-putting for newcomers so caution should be exercised. If you are up to the challenge however, this is a fine flying sim.

THE flight sim game

Okay, this game is an example on how a great flight simulation game should really look like (other being Apache Longbow and F-14 Tomcat: Fleet Defender). The realism of the game is definitely the strongest point of this fantastic game and it's as good as it can get for that time. Whether playing a solo mission or a campaign, you fly your Tornado at Mach 1 over vast European skies and destroy your enemies in very dynamic and action filled fights, and keep going until they are out of you flight map. Even the most experienced flight players will find this game challenging since the AI is very hard on you and it's extremely hard to avoid a bunch of aircrafts who are on your tail like bee on honey. The graphics are high quality for that time and the sound effects are authentic and very nicely combined with the game. This is the mother of all sim games, a definitive must have for any sim lover.

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