Pacific Strike

Simulation 1994 Dos Dosbox ORIGIN Systems Flight Military

Cinematic driven WWII air fighter sim

Much in the style of Strike Commander or the more famed Wing Commander, Pacific Strike drops you into the air conflicts of the World War 2, where it offers you a cinematic driven host of individual missions all tied together into a relatively interesting campaign. The selling point of the game was its realistic scenario, where it used actual events from World War II, namely the aviation trials and tribulations of America against Japan from the events of Pearl Harbor on. Your tasks will be quite different, some will require you to fly over an area to do recon work, others will require you to attack grounded or on the water targets, while others will evaluate your dog fight performance. Depending on how well you fare on each individual mission, the US might not be forced to make use of the atomic bomb, so if you like a bit of alternative history, the game offers you the chance to singlehandedly change the outcome of the World War II. But the defeat of the US is also possible, if you fail most of the missions, so the stakes are set high. Overall, the game looks ok and plays ok, and the graphics are acceptable, even by today's standards. Make sure you use a gamepad or a good joystick for a less frustrating control option.

Feel part of the pacific theatre

Pacific Strike is one of the very few flight simulators that captures the atmosphere of the real event: from the role-playing aspect right through to the sophistication of its game engine, Pacific Strike is highly playable and a fantastic allrounder. Tha game takes you into the action and makes 'you' feel part of the pacific theatre, not just a gamer messing round on a simulator.

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