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Syndicate Plus (pc game)
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  • Syndicate Plus pc game
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Package including Syndicate and its expansion American Revolt

If you've heard of Syndicate you must have heard that it was considered ahead of its time, a genius tactics shooting type game with a really cool story and very advanced graphics for its time. Few however will tell you that this game actually REQUIRES you to read the manual. Otherwise you'll just install it and be lost. Nope, when this game was released they did not have comprehensive in game tutorials, the developers trusted that you took the time to visit the manual and make yourself acquainted with the myriad of commands that you need to know. But, once you familiarized yourself with them there was no going back, the game, was indeed capable of crawling through your skin and take a lot of your time. In terms of what it was like to play it, consider a much more modern game series, the Rainbow Six tactical shooters; take the visual oomph from them, but keep the squad management portion and you have a good idea of what Syndicate will ask of you. At any rate, this particular version is furthermore interesting to play because no extra steps are required to get it to play both the original and the expansions. They're both included and you can choose which one to sink into and go for. And, without question, for fans of tactical mission based gameplay, this game is the bomb, without a doubt.