Syndicate Wars

Strategy 1996 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Organized forces Real time Science Fiction Action Sci fi

A consistent upgrade for Syndicate

Syndicate Wars offers you a new chapter for the original tactics squad based action game Syndicate. Syndicate itself had revolutionizes top down strategy and tactics at a low level, having been one of the most sprawling titles of the early 90s, a great piece of engineering and game designed. However, while it had a meaty game, with a great lot of advancements for the genre, it also could be finished rather. Now, graphically, it's been upgraded considerably, with 3D, rotationally enabled maps, where you can zoom in and out. Also, the look of the original, with its build that reminded of steam punk has still remained, in the construction of the levels, in the way the missions play and so on. A great gameplay advantage is that the game allowed you to speed it up a lot, and thus be able to resolve each mission in a lot less time. It's definitely not as nice or as atmospheric as the original, but it's highly playable, and it's a true strategic and tactics gem, still to this day, offering you complete tactics appeal.

The people are sick of it!

This game is the continuation of the great Bullfrog action strategy, Syndicate, and it's a followup of the story in the last game. The totalitarian regime has been established and is at it's peak, and the people are subdued by technological mind control. Everything's perfect. But there is a virus called the Harbinger, that is threatening this perfect dictatorship. People are waking up from their mind control and feel that they don't like the current state affairs. The game is centered around a factions war, and you can play from either the Syndicate's or Church's side of the story (the two factions), which I like very much, since it gives another point of view to the whole political situation. Game is presented with a classic isometric view abd the gameplay is mostly unchanged, but this time you are more concerned about the action part than the rest, so strategy lovers might feel a little left out in this game. There are also a lot of graphic and other changes made to the game, making it overall a lot better than it's predecessor. The insinuations about the Church and the connection with the today's Church are heavy, so that certainly won't get by you if you pay attention. Overall, this game is as good as it's prequel, and better. It's a lot more action packed, exciting and adrenaline inducing than the last. I loved the first game, but the second one is even better.

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