Strategy 1996 Dos Dosbox Bullfrog Real time Isometric Science Fiction

Saurians, Schnozzoids, Bohemians and humans going ape!

Genewars is a pretty classic strategy game, real time style, which pits together four races, Saurians, Schnozzoids, Bohemians and humans, all of them fighting for the supremacy. I'm not sure if the tone of the backstory of the game was funny because the developers wanted it to be so, or not, but there's some of that Hog Wars tongue in cheek humor about Genewars. Maybe its undisclosed, hidden agenda is that it tries to show us that us, human beings are not some Godly creatures, but instead, we are just an evolved species, that acquired intelligence just by accident, so, if that's that case, well, I guess the game kind of makes it's point! But gameplay wise, this is a well put together base building, exploit the resources and go to war kind of deal, which is well executed. The units for the factions aren't really too different playwise, they do have a few specific quirks, but they're balancing is pretty much a one on one kind of deal. But, overall, in the world of RTSes that don't necessarily take themselves too seriously, Genewars surely occupies a good place, with Hog Wars. Not a must play, but a cool game if you stumble upon it.

A very unique RTS game

This real time strategy game is a lot different than what we have seen in a lot of other RTS game. The difference is however very good and gives you a new look about the games of this genre. So you are not having any conventional enemy eliminating activities, troop training or base building. The plot this time is that your mission or objective is to kill, stun, research and to breed the large variety of animals that are there in the game. You will also have to grow some plants and will use the assistance of different species, animals and a variety of different hybrid animals. Now this is really something which at least I have not seen in any other games of this genre and this is what makes the game stand out from all the rest. There are quite a few original and creative elements which are supported through some very inviting and colorful graphics. The UI is also quite unique and has been presented in a different way while keeping it very simple and helpful. The RTS element is also well formulated and the music is a bit average. The game resembles to the likes of Earth 2150 but has some very distinct mix of elements.

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