Cannon Fodder 2

Strategy 1994 Dos Dosbox Sensible Software Organized forces Real time Tactical Action Arcade

The unnecessary deaths must continue!

The great Cannon Fodder the first had put the bases of the lite top down action/tactics game, with undertones that managed to do a critique of war, in general and in particular of the Vietnam war. It was a fun game, and a game that knew how to make you feel bad for every cannon fodder individual that got killed in action. Not the most graphically satisfying title ever, but it had a following. Well, this second game in the series ups the graphic ante significantly. It still plays from a third person, high in the sky perspective, it still asks of you to manage a squad, but it is more streamlined, easier to control and a lot more easy to sink into. You will also love it if you like games where the undertones are serious but the production is funny/lighthearted; the cartoonishness of the deaths is undeniable, and it definitely clashes with the fact that each soldier has its own name, and sort of grown on you, taken from mission to mission. But that is war, at least for the private soldier, that must execute orders without indiscipline. So, play it if you liked the first or the idea of simple shooter/strategy/tactics is something you look forward to.

A great action war game

Cannon fodder 2, is a sequel to the hilarious and popular Cannon Fodder game. You take charge of a small platoon of 3 soldiers, that must shoot their way out of the situation they are in and get to complete their mission objective or get to safety. This game reminds me a bit of the movie "Black Hawk Down" because of the endless waves of soldiers coming at you. The game also reminds me of what Lemmings Paintball should have been, with more action and without all the frustrating puzzles. The game is just pure war action with a comical/cartoon sort of side to a bit like Worms. Unlike Worms, the game is real time and is constantly throwing you into action. Your team slowly can die off and those who survive can get medals and upgraded. It is a little bit like playing the Tanya missions in Command and Conquer Red Alert on steroids. It is great fun, with a bit of strategy and will constantly capture your attention. I would recommend to all. Cannon Fodder 2 also has a sequel you if you are interested in playing more of this great series of games it is called: Cannon Fodder 3.

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