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Toobin' (pc game)
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  • Black screen
  • One hundred points
  • Attention to hunter
  • A little relaxation
  • Collect ammo
  • Beware of insects
  • Pass through the gate
  • Bifs letters
  • Enter initials
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Prepare for another waterfall
  • Courtesy of Abandonware Dos.
  • Courtesy of Abandonware France.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Toobin' down the river, toobin down too faaaast!

Toobin' is a cute racer game idea, only that instead of racing cars, rugs, motorcycles or anything like that, you're racing a tyre envelope down a white water river. That further translates into a game that is all about fast reflexes and learning the twists and turns, as well as the spots that hold debris, because if you hit any, you're surely done for. And so, with that in mind, Toobin' is a cute racer idea, very well put together, very NES like, but in spite of that, it still manages to cut across, and can offer you lots of fun. To add diversity to the race, you also can collect items down the road (or, I should say, river!) and at times doing that takes a few detours, here and there. Thus, with a good amount of action, as well as this collecting of times bit, Toobin' is as fun as real life toobin could be. Yeah, what I mean to say is that it's just for a few minutes, for a break or so, and then it gets old. A good alternative? Well, how about some very old, very minimalist racer? What do you think?! Yes? Then Race! will surely do!