Racing 1989 Dos Dosbox Carl Erikson Top down

Simple top down racer, with one screen tracks

Here's a racer that is best suited for short gameplay bouts; it has just a few different vehicles, quite a few single screen race tracks and an AI that is good enough to put you through your paces, if you don't have no human opponents to play against. Certainly the 8 bit graphics help the game a lot, but it also could have simulated heights a little bit more. As it is, most of the game looks like it's been produced by adolescents in Paint... But worry not, as I said, the playability and fun element abound in this one, and while it cannot be said to be a serious game, it sure is a fun ridden one. You will love the fact that even the Ai players sometimes do the kind of mistakes that you do, not negotiating their speed or cornering properly and ending up outside of the proper course. Also, as you will, do, the other cars will slam into you, especially when cornering, so this is no 5 minute break gentlemen's racer, this is mayhem racing in a glass of water! A good option, if you want some 3D racing, but want the same mini-vehicle feeling is Re-Volt, which is an RC car racer in all sort of realistic and fantasy tracks setting.

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