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Virtual Valerie 2 (pc game)
4.27 out of 5 (185 votes)
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Introduction sequence
  • Entering the tunnel of love...
  • Going crazy. Nice 3D graphics.
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Cybernetic fantasy

It's quite difficult to rate this game positively since it's difficult to find any interesting feature. Actually the game is about a motorbike girl, Valerie. She's quite good at sex and you will have to try to satisfy her in different manners. The interaction with her and different toys will be the goal of the game. It's not even user friendly since you will have to understand which toy use and where, and the final result won't be so nice as seeing some good manga. Probably if you're into motorbike and fictional women (and cybernetic stuff), you will like it, otherwise you'd better try such manga (Three sisters story for instance). The game fell down into oblivion and it was successfull just the year of release when it was one of the top-selling adult CD-ROM program (and game), following a Virtual Valerie prequel that no one remember at all (even difficult finding references in internet, I think it was only released for Mac platform). The success was also related to the presence of SVGA graphics, that at the time was a very new and interesting feature.

A silly game

This is a very bad game. You will not have any particular feeling playing it. I downloaded and played once and I can remember I've just tried to play and the only goal of the play was to try to get the girl naked on her motorcycle. So, don't lose your time... better date a girl instead.