Interactive Girls

Adult 1994 Dos Dosbox Interactive Girls Club Puzzle based Role playing Interactive

A very sexually explicit and lewd adventure game

When you unintentionally bump into a game created by a company called Interactive Girls Club you're in for two possible outcomes, it's either a company producing cooking simulation games or its hardcore porn, baby! Depending on your personality one of the two is going to sound more enticing to you, but, I, being a bit of a misogynist, found the later more appealing! Teresa The house Guest is an adventure game that allows you to spy on Teresa, the house guest (go figure!) while she engages in all sort of sexy poses. There isn't much else in the game, expect for certain portions where you can actually interact more directly with Teresa, but these portions are buggy and will crash your game. But, if you are persistent you will uncover most of the naked pictures, the little animations and might even get to the end of the game. There are other explicit games out there which might fall in the games of under 18 girls and boys, but this one is really, and I mean, really explicit. So try it out, expect some technical problems and don't let the low quality graphics hinder you: this is how porn games looked and played back in the day! Oh, and also, expect bush, lots of bush!

A hilarious adult dating simulator

Interactive Girls, how do I explain this "game". Well it is an adult game where the hero get's the girl (if you play the game right). The game ties in with Vida X, where you have to pick up a variety of girls, beginning with the beautiful Vida. Now, Vida is a girl you have seen around town and finally hear (somehow) that she is alone in a local piano bar. Then the game goes into an adventure style gameplay where you must use the right pick up lines to get her drunk and wanting to go home with you. The game actually makes you feel like you are in an awkward simulation of talking to a beautiful woman, making you order her drinks, talk to her etc. The game has a serious sense of humour, even going as far as poking fun at the player's self-esteem which is a unique experience in a game. The game is a lift me up humor based game, that is still a good play even in today's age. With adult themes and some suggestive pixelated photo's, it is recommended for anyone in their adult age, who wants a laugh. It is also a game that I am sure guy's that have been in the dating game can relate to. It is not meant to be taken seriously as a dating simulator, the puzzles are very easy. You (the protagonist) are just an average guy, trying to arouse a beautiful lady and the awkward moments and thoughts that come with that situation. It is a situational comedy that turned out actually pretty good in a game. The only problem is with the game, it is very short and is clearly made on a budget; but being just a little DOS game, it is well worth checking out even just for a laugh.

Seduce beautiful women

A neat little DOS game where you "seduce" a variety of beautiful women. The gameplay is very limited, yet *rewarding*. The first scenario is one in which you pick up the lovely Vida at the bar and take her back to your flat, where you have 3 choices as to your profession; each providing its own method of seduction.

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