Exploration - Voyages of Discovery

Strategy 1994 Dos Dosbox Software 2000 Historical God game or micromanagement Business Trade or management

A decent trading game

Exploration is a typical trading and shipping strategy game that covers the already familar turf of sailing, trading and combating in the age of the Exploration, from the 15 to the 19th century. While typical, it still does a decent job of making the game interesting - you have four AI or human opponents againsts and you have to either destory them or be better of them. There is a lot to do - trading, exploring, warring, taking care and managing the resources, so you definitely won't be bored. Mostly you will be exploring the lands and befriending the nations on the new lands. You can also exterminate them, but that is a costly business and should be avoided. The game looks good and plays solidly good, but one can be annoyed by the complexity of controls and the fact that, after a while , the game get repetitive and monotonous. Still, it's a pretty good trading game and you should definitely give it a shot. And if you're for something a spicier, try Machiavelli the Prince.

Trading game

Good shipping and trading game, some pirates are out to get your goods: ome other nations are out to get you. Based in the old world of galleons, caravels and frigates and pirateers. Make your way in the world and become a rich sailor or even a town govenor.

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