Atlantis: The Lost Empire - The Lost Games

Action 2001 Windows Disney Top down Strategic scope Puzzle based

Diverse adventure, nicely drawn

Atlantis: The Lost Empire - The Lost Games is pack of adventure games containing Machine Arena, Air Escapade, Submergency and Unroadblock, all from Disney, and all games that I can actually, genuinely recommend, and not just to light weight gamers, but, actually to real consumers of well produced adventures. Why Atlantis: The Lost Empire - The Lost Games deserves this accolade is because it is both diverse and it still manages to link those disparate bits of gameplay (puzzles, real time strategy bit, almost, don't expect a fully fledged RTS minigame inside, inventory based and dialogue based gameplay and more) in an almost seamless matrix, which is all you can ask of such games, at the end of the day. Yes, it's not revolutionary, but it didn't pretend to be, so, in that respect it works just as advertised. Also, while the game is cartoonish, graphically and story wise (the story is similar to a sketch) you can sink into it, as the graphical style is clean and the story, well, doesn't get in the way of the mechanical interactions. Therefore, if you'd love an adventure where the interactivity is the main thing, while the story is secondary but nice enough (rather for kids in all 4 games) you'll get it with this package. Also, see Search for the Journal, another similar Disney game, one more high on storytelling and delivered in 3D graphics.

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