2 Fast 4 U

Racing 1996 Dos Greenwood Entertainment Futuristic Arcade style

The future is gonna be running fast!

What I like about 2 Fast 4 U is the way it delivers the goods, a fairly nondescript racing dressed in nice arcade clothes without taking itself too seriously. But by doing that the game offers you a very satisfying experience, simple, without qualms or any inconveniences. Just select the race car of your choice from a fairly large roaster, (and the cars have a really neat esthetic, raggy, futuristic and that mid 90s cool!) and then it's off to the races. Races which are happening on just as large a number of circuits, so, for the duration of the game, I would assume quite a bit, you will not get bored. Don't expect much realism in the physics implementation of the game, but don't worry, you won't be disappointed when you get to experience it, even if unrealistic, the game is nonetheless well put together. Therefore, 2 Fast 4 U will keep you satisfied for long hours, though I'd argue it's the kind of experience that works best in short (and sweet!) reprises. Track Attack tries something similar, as well as Wipeout, but definitely 2 Fast 4 U has its own thing going for itself as well.

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