Racing 1993 Dos Cyberdreams Futuristic Driving

Cyberpunk racer; had a Blade Runner artist work on it

Two stings make this game special: the art direction, which, for a game this old and in this particular style is quite lavish and with things and drops of originality that were unexpected, and also, the high playability and fun factor of it. With games of racing released in the early 90s what you could genuinely hope for was that they would control easily and that they had enough tracks that would allow you a good amount of play until you grew bored of them. Worry not, CyberRace has enough tracks, and they are quite nice looking, has that interior of the vehicle (a very Sci Fi and sweet interior, to be honest!) and a lot of style. CyberRace also has aliens, against whom you'll race. Because in this universe, if you have a quarrel with an alien race you will have to take it to the racing track. This adds to the perceived importance of each race, which in turns adds to the value of the game quite a bit. And, believe me, it looks amazing, both technically as well as artistically, which was a total surprise. Alternatively, download HoverRace, not as polished, but similarly...alien!

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