XCar: Experimental Racing

Racing 1997 Windows Bethesda Softworks Futuristic Arcade style

Arcade racer featuring the vehicles of the future!

I don't know how much you sank into that 90s esthetic that made use of lots and lots of panels of info, the kind of deal that made you believe you were a hacker or something! Well, this game makes use of that in its menus which are super crowded with more or less important information! But, actually it's got some purpose if you really want to pick a car that fits your driving style, though, in truth the game has about 3 types of vehicles: understeering, oversteering and an American muscle car type, which goes fast but it's pretty hard to control in turns. At any rate, XCar: Experimental Racing offers you plenty of diversity as it packs a whole deal of tracks and the behavior of the cars, under the three types I mentioned, is pure arcade, easy to control and rarely prone to lose control of. As such, XCar: Experimental Racing is a great time waster type deal, great mainly for single races here and there, but it doesn't really get under your skin so much so that you'd want to keep on playing for extended play sessions. At least graphically it is alright, in the ballpark of the racers released in 97, which is more than enough, really. Give it a go and see for yourself, or go for another casual driving game of steampunk/hacker esthetics, CyberSpeed which is much more original in terms of its track designs.

Excellent arcade racing game

Arcade game lovers will love this game. This is an excellent arcade racing game perfect for car racing lovers. Although the graphics quality is not that eye catchy, Xcar-experimental racing is a good classic car game. What I like most is the racing tracks of this game. It is unusual to compare this game with modern day racing games like Need for speed but still it's a good old game. It is a little difficult game but once you get used to you will love this game. You can either play the single race or the time attack. Graphics is good and the sound quality is excellent. This is an addictive game although there are some limitations in this game. It would be better if there were improved customize car options. There are several racing tracks and game modes. It has almost every common feature like camera, speed meter, accelerator, plenty of cars, plenty of tracks etc that a racing game must have. Overall it is a simple car racing game that will make you addictive after playing a while. Try the game. It's a fun racing game. I enjoyed this game very much.

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