Robosport for Windows

Strategy 1991 Dos Maxis Software Organized forces Science Fiction

Fun tactical sim with robots

In this tactical combat game you will be pitting your robot minions to fight others like them. Mainly a multiplayer game, you can use the single player campaign to learn the controls and the best way to make use of your units. However, this is not a hard game to get. You have robot units that can take some damage, tanks, others that can shoot from afar but are vulnerable to melee attacks, and others that can move quick but don't have the same kind of shielding as your slow moving tank robots. The way you manage these three types of robots, while also making sure you use any advantages offered to you by the surroundings, will decide the winner. Too bad that you'll be quite hard pressed to set up a multiplayer game, let alone find people with whom to battle. But if you have a few friends with a love for robots, it can happen and the matches will certainly engage you sufficiently enough to keep you playing for quite a while, while not exhausting you. SO, do give it a try but use this checklist: ability to set up a virtual network, possibly within an emulated instance of DOS, a few friends who don't mind learning the controls of a 91 era game, and also some beer and other assorted more or less soft drinks. For tacticians with a love for robots there aren't really that many modern options available, so if the checklist checks, do go for it.

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