240 Racing

Racing 1998 Windows Arcade style Challenges

Simple yet solid top down racer

Heh, 240 Racing mostly reminded me of those carpets I used to have as a child, with impressions of roads, gas stations and the like, which could be used to race my toy cars on! EH, memories! Well, this game here, which is a top down third person racer kind of offers you a similar kind of perspective; you get your little racer, and you also get a number of tracks, all within one screen, and you have to race your vehicle around, and get to the finish line, hopefully reaching the finish line before the others do. It's a bit of a retro game, having been released in 98, but it surely is highly playable and fun to sink into. On to the finish line, you will also get quite a few chances to bump into the other racers, and it's encouraged. But slip out of the track and you will lose traction. Some of the tracks are so built that you can't really leave the racing arena, but bumping on to the track limits will lose you a lot of speed. So, all in all, you want to get the best lap speeds and you also want to cut the corners, without too much thinking about the integrity of you little top down racer. A good alternative is of course a Micro Machines racer, which has the same recipe, but a more sprawling execution.

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