Terep 2

Racing 1998 Windows Nagymathe Denes Design Tool Arcade style Challenges

A very cool racing game

Terep 2 is a cool off road car simulation made by a small Hungarian developing team that later released a more commercially successful game called Insane. The game has almost no rules - you drive excellently designed little cars off and on tracks, wherever you want and you can do with them whatver you want - race, no race, discover or just drive around. Whatever you want (much lik Megarace 2 or Big Red Racing). The game has fantastic graphics in 3D and great detail and design of both the cars and the surroundings of the game. I like how the game is realistic, like the car's engine system and the fact that if you bump your car, it will be shown on the car itself. Those things make the game seem a lot more realistic. It's the little things that count. There are more than 30 tracks and you can even design your own, making the fun last longer. If you like racing games that doesn't need a lot of rules, this will be a very fun one indeed.

Nice Hungarian pc game

Here Terep 2, one of the few game made in Hungary. You can race or discover the land, destroy your car. It has a very realistic phisical motor (even it was made in 1998), almost like the new games have. There is no computer-car, you can play alone, or with friends (even 4 at the same time). And if want, you can easyly make new skins and maps for the game. If you like retro-feeling, free-riding car games, you will like this.

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