Micro Machines 2 special edition

Racing 1995 Dos GameTek Humorous Shoot em up Top down

A lot more tracks and a track editor

What makes the Micro Machines series so good is the innovative and great looking design of the tracks - you can literally drive on or over simple household appliances, such as tables, notebooks, pool tables and so on, or they can be an obstacle in your path. This special edition game has a track editors and a lot more tracks than the original, meaning a lot more fun! While I personally don't like the top down view in racing games, in this instance the game is better for it, since you get to see both the car and terrain in clear view and what's ahead, so you can drive better and more efficiently. The car choices are great and various and in this game you even get to fly a helicopter! The game is tons of rich and exciting fun with really enviable graphics and very rich and bright beautiful colors and superb animation. There is absolutely nothing wrong that could be said about this game - it's fun, exciting, dynamic and addictive. Go ahead and play the game, and after that check out the game's sequel - Micro Machines 3.

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