CART Racing

Racing 1997 Windows Sierra On-Line Formula one Car simulation

Gentlemen, start your engines

If you decide to check out this racing game and think that it looks a bit familiar, there might just be a very good reason for it. It's actually a re-release of the earlier IndyCar Racing 2 only with a couple of patches and some technical updates to allow for Windows 95 3D acceleration. It remains a fine example of the genre and is only really let down by some dodgy AI drivers, but apart from this, it's well worth adding to your collection. There are many of the usual options as found in such games, with the main focus being on taking on the championship around the fifteen tracks which will see you traveling the world to some very famous locations. There's a very heavy emphasis on realism here, so if you're looking for a pure arcade racer, stick to Outrun. However, if you're up for the challenge and think you'll enjoy the steep learning curve that comes with learning how to drive these cars at speeds of 220mph , then you're sure to have a good time tinkering with the options and playing around with the cars. It certainly does take a while to get used to the handling, but once you do, there's no denying the immersion and thrill that comes from driving at such high speeds around some very well implemented tracks. The immersion does take a hit due to the lack of racer names and other such details but this is a minor thing and doesn't affect things too much. The visuals hold up fairly well, with a good sense of speed and nice level of trackside detail, so overall, this remains a top notch experience.

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