3-K Trivia

Puzzle 1984 Dos IBM Word or trivia Design Tool

Trivia game, allowing you to add questions to the database

In 3-K Trivia you can play with up to 6 other players (contestants) in a game show like production in which you are tasked with answering questions. These questions are about general culture, in this game, but you can add your own questions and turn the game into whatever you want it to be. So, all in all, 3-K Trivia is a very cool game, really interesting given its production and ability to change it up. Graphically it's not too comprehensive; your answer is typed when a prompt is on screen; your score is in the top left portion, as it is for each contestant. Playing against the AI, is done by choosing their smarts level (which, in game is a coefficient which dictates the probability of knowing the answer) but the fun begins when you play against your friends. So, hide a few weird questions in there, and let the quiz begin. Certainly though, You Don't Know Jack! is the definitive cool trivia game that everyone should have in their PCs! (Quick note; the game is programmed to run from a diskette only, so make sure you have a diskette drive emulated by your DosBox, or that you run some other program that can work directly with this type of diskette bound game.)

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