Creative Contraptions

Puzzle 1985 Dos Bantam Education Design Tool

The Incredible Machine like; yet a lot less developed

Creative Contraptions is a puzzler/edutainment, Rube Goldberg kind of contraption game. It will surely remind you of The Incredible Machine and it surely has the same kind of gameplay mechanics and build. However, it is definitely not as graphically interesting. For starters, the colors and the graphic elements are a lot less diverse, and a lot less interesting. Also, with the build that it has, it offers you a lot less diverse option on how to solve the game puzzles. So, for what it's worth, you should definitely look into the game, try to use the pieces that you have as smartly as possible; basically all of the levels have no more than just one or two solving puzzles. Also, the game comes with a free to build mode, where you can build your own puzzles, and then save them. Still, its simplicity might work against it, creatively, but if you want to see what inspired The Incredible Machine, you can be sure that Creative Contraptions will deliver, without question and without any other issues to keep you from having fun!

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