Music Construction Set

Puzzle 1984 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Education Design Tool Arts

1984s GarageBand!

I anticipated quite a bit of issues with this bundle, but, granted, I was surprised to actually find a musical production (well in the seed, don't expect to start producing music the quality of which you'd manage to find in a, say, current pop album, hehe!) suite that is well suited for anyone looking to learn things about arrangements about audio production. You can choose the instruments you want to add to your track you can arrange notes on the provided sheet music like staff, you can choose to start new projects or edit older ones and all that kind of thing. Granted, it's all about beeper quality sounds, maybe even lower in quality than MIDI, but for all intents and purposes it works. So, I think you will want to mess about with this mini production suite if you're curious how GarageBand like software bundles have evolved through the years. Alternatively, see the Adventure Construction Set and the Pinball Construction Set for some other oldie production bundles. None of them usable beyond messing about, but definitely great eye opener products that can stimulate your imagination.

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