Puzzle 1989 Dos Dosbox Spectrum Holobyte Tetris variant

An addictive and classical puzzle game

The game is quite similar to Tetris but still has a lot of features and difference in game play which gives it a distinct touch. You might need time for getting into the groove where you find the different ways in which you can split out the blocks or give them a compact arrangement. At the climax of each level, you will get extra help for the special block. The first distinction apart from the manner in which you build up blocks is that the tiles are in 3D graphics where you have all four sides to deal with. The concept which was given with the original Tetris is though still intact but the gameplay has been made a bit more complex which has made the game even more addictive and exciting. The original one involved one surface while here you have to fill 5 surfaces which include 4 walls along with a well bottom. The addictiveness of the game is what makes it a real winner and is a good recommendation for all. If you want even improved graphics and more fun, then try out Tetris Classic but don't forget to try this one first.

Tetris like game, in 3D

It took a little while to get used to how different this game is from regular Tetris, but once I did I learned to love the nifty ways you can make the blocks split apart or compact together when you drop them around a corner. Then at the end of each level you get the extra help (or curse) of a specially made block... It is every bit as addictive as Tetris, if not more so.

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