4D Sports Tennis

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Good solid retro tennis

The tennis genre is not overly burdened with choice, unlike soccer or American football, but classics like Nintendo's Super Tennis or Sega's Virtua Tennis series show what can be done with the sport. While World Tennis Championship is not quite up to these standards, it remains an enjoyable and fast-paced piece of sporting action. As you would hope from a sports sim, there is a reasonable range of options on display here, starting with whether you want to play as a man or woman, and including tournament play, exhibition matches, practice mode and even a full career option. You can even select the colour of the ball! The gameplay itself is fairly standard tennis sim stuff, but this one scores thanks to both its simplicity and its addictiveness. The controls are very easy to pick up, accessible and intuitive, but highly responsive, making it straightforward enough to quickly engage in some pretty exciting rallies that capture the sport's excitement rather well. The characters move around at a fair old pace too, with your opponents putting up a pretty stiff challenge, thanks to some high levels of AI. The many modes on offer also add to the game's longevity and keep you coming back for more, and while the graphics are somewhat dated, lacking in detail, they are smoothly animated, and any visual shortcomings the game has don't really detract from its overall appeal. On the whole, this is a good solid attempt at a tennis game. It's not as slick or visually impressive as Virtua Tennis, but for a sports sim with a retro feel, this is a good bet.

Great sports game with wonderful graphics

Altough its age, 4D Tennis is a very good and advance 3D polygonal engine game that wont let you regret having downloaded this title. The game is not simply tennis playing action but can also be termed as a sports simulations because it gives a great chunk of playing options. The first prime feature in the game is that its 3D graphics are really sharp and effective in giving you swifter, detailed and clear movements of the players on the court. They also make the environment look quite suited to a tennis match as the backgrounds and the court dynamics have been modelled quite perfectly. The other good thing in the game is that it gives you a lot of statistical data which you can allocate to your player in order to develop his/her skills. The more your player spends time on the court, the more he/she will gain on experience and skill. The controls in the game are really responsive and they facilitate smooth lag free movements instantly. The game has a diverse career mode which is really fun and addictive. The user interface here is also very good and the game is overall fantastic. The same can be said about International Tennis because it is both fun and thrill.

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