Tie Break

Sport 1990 Dos Dosbox Starbyte Software Racket

Top down tennis sim; very playable

You will love this tennis game, on one hand because it manages to be very easily playable, and on the other because the perspective offered in it is very user friendly. Rather than try and offer you some early days 3D, or false perspective 3D, Tie Break just offers you a cool top down perspective, with all the elements drawn in 2D, from above. This aids in seeing where the ball is and how to position yourself on the field to get a better overall chance to hit the ball. Also, a cool addition is a system whereby, you get commentary for the game at hand, so you always get a cool real game vibe. Sure, it gets repetitive real soon, but for a few matches it's... sufferable! The game also has a few different AI players, so you can play against someone that has a similar style to yours; the variability of play includes the speed of the game as well as the accuracy and speed of the player on the field (and his speed of movement and reaction). Download also Great Courts 2, 3D from a third person perspective and quite fun overall.

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