Center Court Tennis

Sport 1991 Dos Visutech Racket

Mediocre at best, most of the time a frustrating mess...

Top down tennis sims should not have been as difficult to produce by 91... I mean, there were already lots of games that treated the same gameplay type, and many of them had managed to create a pretty swell job. However, this game here has great problems when it comes to controls; partly because it is never clear how much you can do. There's no clear way to do an overhand (and, if you ask me, this should have been done automatically anyway). Well, what this game automates it automates in a very frustrating fashion, and what is left for you, the player, is simply just not satisfying enough. That said, Center Court Tennis is not a game you'd want to actually play. Nope, instead, a game such as Great Courts 2 can be a much better alternative, even if it is not a looker. But gameplay wise it shines. This one looks cool for a few seconds, until you actually start struggling to hit a ball, moment when you realized that you've been duped. Let that be a lesson that only I have to have experienced!

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