Jahanghir Khan's Squash

Sport 1990 Dos Dosbox Krisalis Racket

Racquetball sim, cartoony and cool, but ultimately unfun...

Jahanghir Khan's Squash looks like an alright game. Sure, the graphics look kind of cheap at first, but let's not judge a book by its cover, right?! Well, turns out, this one's covers is pretty much indicative of the level of quality that was poured into it, which is not much. So, you'd think, to simulate a racquetball game you'd need no more than a similar type of interaction and physics implementation than say, you'd need in Breakout, even less than that, as the bricks getting destroyed don't need to be featured! But nope, the way the ball moves about, the way your character moves about, feels like the developers were working on a not that important bit that didn't get included in an adventure game; you know, just another action puzzler in an adventure game, the kind that didn't make the final cut... So, in absence of a cool, inviting game, that would allow you to have fun, this game is just worthless. Nope, if you want a tennis game, go for 3D World Tennis for instance. If you want a 2D game, heck, go for Pong! Jahanghir Khan's Squash was an aborted game, that lacks polish and a very simple to achieve kind of fun, that Pong had mastered years ahead of this one.

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