World Tour Tennis

Sport 1993 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Racket World competition

A tennis game that packs in a lot of punch

By 93 the shift towards fully 3D games was not completely in full swing, but, nevertheless, some games had made the jump. Sports games were in a bit of a conundrum: those that made the 3D jump were most of the time less detailed than 2D games, but, it was enough of a graphical kick for a lot of players who saw this kind of graphics engine as a revolution. At any rate, World Tour Tennis is somewhere in between, combining some polygonal graphics with 2D elements. That is why, for 2013 eyes, this tennis game looks somehow like a compromise. But, playability wise it is ok, as long as you can look past some of the more jaggedly lines. Now, compared to a game like Fila World Tour Tennis there might not be as much punch here, but, nevertheless, World Tour Tennis has its list of options. You get a large enough list of playable characters, you get a few nicely done fields and the game also puts you in a worldwide competition. Gameplay wise, World Tour Tennis is more of an arcade game, but knowing a thing or two about player positioning in the field and so on does help. So, bottom line is, World Tour Tennis is a playable though a little dated game. But, for racket fans it does work.

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