7 days and 7 nights

Adventure 1994 Dos Dosbox Pterodon Software Third Person Puzzle based

Leisure Suit Larry transported in the Czech Republic!

Although some of the content of this game is R rated, don't worry, this is not an erotic game per se; it's similar mostly to Leisure Suit Larry, akin in many ways to that series in humor, but transported in the Czech Republic. What does that change about the game? Well, quite a bit. While the humor in Leisure Suit Larry is mostly tongue in cheek and relies heavily on word play, the Czechs seem to be more interested in comparisons and absurd situations! So, the hero in this one is no longer a man, but a lady called Venca Fold, who needs to protect the daughters of a millionaire from the advances of their suitors! Indeed, put a couple of sheltered late adolescents in the mix, who seem prone on getting themselves into trouble, this sexy Marry Poppins in there, to guard their righteousness, and you get a Tom and Jerry game with sexual innuendo that couldn't be more fun to play! OR it could have been, had it been endowed with a better set of puzzles. But, since it wasn't meant to be, 7 days and 7 nights is just an alright game. So, with that in mind, if you love Leisure Suit Larry and would like that perspective, but a bit different, this will prove a great, very entertaining game.

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