Crazy Nick's Leisure Suit Larry Casino

Simulation 1993 Dos Dosbox Sierra On-Line Cards Casino

Shallow casino-style experience

A sort of spin-off from Sierra's Leisure Suit Larry series of adventure games, this is an altogether different take on the classic character but one which seems particularly suited to his own unique charms. As the name suggests, the game is a collection of casino-based card activities all dressed up in with that sleazy yet strangely appealing Larry style which has proved enduringly popular. There are three games on offer here, these being the slots, poker and blackjack and if you're looking for a something along these lines to kill a few minutes or hours while the boss isn't looking (something which would be entirely in-keeping with Larry's own way of thinking), then this makes for a reasonable choice. The games are of course nothing spectacular but they all play well enough, with the computer opponents putting up a decent fight in the competitive games, while the slot machine is as compellingly addictive as in the real world, but comes with the dual-edged sword that you're not playing for real money. The main appeal here is the visuals which maintain the vibrant, over-the-top feel of the adventure games and Larry's presence certainly adds to the game's interest. However, once you get past this aspect, you'll quickly realise that this is actually a pretty shallow and rather pointless exercise and it's appeal wanes shortly after you've loaded it up, mainly due to the lack of variety. If you're really after a casino experience then check out Caesar's Palace or Lucky's Casino, both of which offer more to get your teeth into.

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