Koala Lumpur: Journey to the Edge

Adventure 1997 Windows Broderbund Third Person Puzzle based

Bizarrely inventive and humorous adventure

The idea behind this wild and somewhat bizarre adventure is imaginative and intriguing and although it doesn't quite live up to its potential, it remains an enjoyably bonkers experience. The plot is sheer madness from start to finish and revolves around a wannabe Zen-master who just happens to be a koala and who has just unleashed the apocalypse upon his cartoon world. He is then charged by the world's supreme being with finding a mystical scroll which is the only thing that can prevent the disaster and thus begins an epic journey which sees the koala joined by his equally eccentric chums, Fly and Dr Dingo Tu-Far, a gun-toting dog with a penchant for science and slick talking. Gameplay is an inventive mix of puzzles and exploring, with players actually controlling Fly and directing the actions of the other characters as they progress through a series of weird and wacky cartoon-style environments. Koala Lumpur is certainly original, with its insane plot, colourful characters and twisted sense of humour and for most of its running time it is pretty entertaining. The puzzles are nicely varied and are a mix of word-association style conundrums and reflex challengers and although the game is seemingly aimed at younger audiences, they actually prove pretty challenging so even adults will find some amusement here. The visuals are quite striking with some nicely designed environments and characters and which display a lot of imagination. While the humour might not be to everyone's taste, if you enjoy crazy shenanigans which are lacking in sophistication but which provide plenty of smiles, Koala Lumpur delivers the goods and fortunately it is backed up by some solid gameplay.

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